Drybags.eu is a specialist in drybags. Our custom-made drybags are produced from strong, flexible tarpaulin material made from woven and coated polyester, which make the bags very strong and durable. The seams are welded by means of heatsealing resulting in a bag without stitches. The zippers are also coated, making the bag water-resistant. Tarpaulin is a special fabric; it is woven polyester that is then laminated, thus creating a very flexible and waterproof material. Tarpaulin is available in different standard colors, and in either matte or glossy finish. With larger quantities it is also possible to use a customized PMS color.Available options include shoulder straps, handles, and inside pockets. The possibilities for customized models are infinite, but several standard models are readily available.

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drybag heavy rain Relax Drybag Relax Drybag 2 sizes

Relax and don’t worry about your luggage getting wet. Using heatseal technology, the Drybag Relax is the ultimate protection against water. The drybag can be sealed by simply rolling the top and closing it using a buckle. No water will get through! The shoulderstrap can be released using the carabine hooks. The extra handles on the side make the bag easy to carry around. The Drybag Relax is available in all possible sizes. Standard sizes are 15 and 30 liters.

Drybag SPORT Drybag SPORT 2 sizes Drybag SPORT close up

The ultimate sportsbag. Leaving your bags on the sportsfield in the rain? No problem! This Drybag had welded seams using heatseal technology, making them water resistent. The Drybag Sport comes in two versions. Option 1 has a water resistent zipper which closes in a zipperdock. Option 2 comes with a roll-up closure.

Drybag TRAVEL Drybag TRAVEL 2 sizes Drybag TRAVEL close up

Whether for a outdoor holiday or an extended diving trip; the Drybag Travel is your ideal travel compagnion. This multi functional bag is equiped with shoulderstraps which can be stored in a special compartment. That makes this Drybag also suitable to beu se as a normal carry-on bag. Along the main zipper you will find an extra protective flap which will keep the water out. There is room for extra compartments inside.

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